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Deep Water

Pastor      Greetings, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

      It is the week after my installation.  It was a breath-taking worship and celebration; a wonderful start to our life together as parish and pastor!  It felt like my first wedding of the summer.  The second is soon to come, when Thomas and I join as one with Christ on July 9.  I am excited for married life and I am excited for our life together here at Faith!  There is so much potential here, so many gifted and eager people, and so many people to share the Gospel message with. 

      I chose Luke 5:1-11 as the Gospel for my installation.  It is the story of Simon, James and John, fisherman and disciples to be.  They had fished all night with no catch and then they met Jesus.  Jesus invited Simon to put his net out into deep water.  He did, and the fish were so plentiful the other boat was needed to hold them all.  Soon they would be fishing for people, Jesus said. So they left their nets, their boats, and followed Jesus.  Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Katherine Finegan, preached mightily, with the Spirit’s wisdom and strength, on this Gospel, especially focusing on how we are invited to swim out into deep water together as a body of Christ. 

heart      I wonder what sort of deep water the Spirit is calling us to swim into?  Whatever it is, we had better feel that same fear I feel when I think of swimming in the deep.  Swimming in the deep means taking risks, it means not knowing the result, and it means depending on Jesus, walking by faith and not by sight, responding when we hear the Spirit, acting when we are afraid, following when we are called.  This is an exciting and fear-invoking endeavor!  But now is the time.  We change or we decay.  We move ahead or we get stiff.  We grow or we die. 

      Jesus will guide us into the exact right deep waters!  Together, let’s swim.  Let’s fish.  Let’s listen for the Spirit’s voice.  The catch is plentiful with Jesus’ direction!

Yours in Christ,

+Pastor Bre

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Pastor Breanne Johnson